Monday, June 21, 2010

Things I Don't Update Often

1. My hair.
2. My wardrobe.
3. My blog.

Did the hair on Thurs, so I figured maybe I'd toss out a blog post while I'm at it. The clothes though...who knows on that one. I still have clothes from when I was 16.

On the school topic, I finished Abnormal with a decent mark. I thought I bombed the exam, and while my mark wasn't great, it worked. I rocked my essay with a 95%. I wish I got it back with comments, sadly, I only get the mark. I was hoping to give you an excerpt, because I know the three of you care JUST THAT MUCH, but Word seems to crash my laptop. Suffice to say, I got a 95 with the title "She's Got One Hand in His Pocket, and the Other One is Signalling God". I don't even think my prof read them.

I have to pick a new class for the fall and I am narrowed the choice down to BioPsych or Social Psych. BioPsych sounds like it's for smrt people, so I might skip that one. I wish I could take more than one class a semester, but that one jacks my time up so bad as it is. I'll be in second year for a few more years I think.

Yoga school is impending! Under two weeks now. I haven't finished all the readings, and what I have read is not affecting me on a deeper plane or whatever. The path to Nirvana seems impractical at best. I also can't quite reconcile psychology (this whole having a self thing) and yoga's path to unself yourself. You've reached the pinnicle of yoga if you can be of nothing, and frankly, it doesn't seem appealing. One of the current teachers at my studio has a MA in Cognitive, someday I should chat with him. Meh. At least half the students want nothing more than to look smoking in yoga pants, and I can at least help get them there. Heh.