Monday, June 21, 2010

Things I Don't Update Often

1. My hair.
2. My wardrobe.
3. My blog.

Did the hair on Thurs, so I figured maybe I'd toss out a blog post while I'm at it. The clothes though...who knows on that one. I still have clothes from when I was 16.

On the school topic, I finished Abnormal with a decent mark. I thought I bombed the exam, and while my mark wasn't great, it worked. I rocked my essay with a 95%. I wish I got it back with comments, sadly, I only get the mark. I was hoping to give you an excerpt, because I know the three of you care JUST THAT MUCH, but Word seems to crash my laptop. Suffice to say, I got a 95 with the title "She's Got One Hand in His Pocket, and the Other One is Signalling God". I don't even think my prof read them.

I have to pick a new class for the fall and I am narrowed the choice down to BioPsych or Social Psych. BioPsych sounds like it's for smrt people, so I might skip that one. I wish I could take more than one class a semester, but that one jacks my time up so bad as it is. I'll be in second year for a few more years I think.

Yoga school is impending! Under two weeks now. I haven't finished all the readings, and what I have read is not affecting me on a deeper plane or whatever. The path to Nirvana seems impractical at best. I also can't quite reconcile psychology (this whole having a self thing) and yoga's path to unself yourself. You've reached the pinnicle of yoga if you can be of nothing, and frankly, it doesn't seem appealing. One of the current teachers at my studio has a MA in Cognitive, someday I should chat with him. Meh. At least half the students want nothing more than to look smoking in yoga pants, and I can at least help get them there. Heh.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mo Midterm

I had my abnormal psych midterm last week. This one involved short answer and fill in the blank along with the usual bubbles. I was feeling pretty good about it when I handed it in. I checked the multiple choices that I wasn't quite sure if I got right against my notes, and I did get them right! Then I realized I goobered cyclothemia in the short answer section and lost three points there. Bloody hell. It was a stupid stupid mistake too, which just annoys me all the more.

Now I have to write a paper. It's kind of bizarre. It's not an essay, requires no research and she doesn't want it written in third person. And yet, I am supposed to come up with 7 pages answering three questions on why some woman was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia in the 70's. It's worth 20%.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yo yo yo ga ga

Waaaaaay back in the beginning of this blog, I mentioned a series of possible career paths. One of which was yoga instructor, which I had tossed out for a variety of reasons. #1 was really that I'd have to spend a month in training, and how was that going to work exactly. I thought about it more, and I talked to the husband about it some, and he was all "You mean, I can live the dream of being married to a yoga instructor? Where do I sign?" So in July I'll be in Toronto attempting to survive Moksha's training program.

It's pretty intensive, 6:30am until 8pm daily. There are two hot yoga classes per day. At the moment, I can barely find time to go to one per week. I may shrivel into nonexistence. I've also got a bunch of books to read.

These books are a bit of an issue. They're a little on the hippie dippy side. Ok ok, I am a little bit hippie - but seriously I'm more on the munchies and free love side of the hippie spectrum. Not so much on the achieving nirvana, weaving flowers in my hair and no longer eating bacon side. The first book wasn't so bad, mostly on paying more attention to your body when doing yoga and not straining or autopiloting. The second one is about daily meditations and affirmations. I don't see myself sitting in the middle of the floor and telling myself "There is no spoon" or whatever (I left the book in the bathroom ok??).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Return of the Mack

Or something. Haha.

The prof for Cognitive let us do a bonus assignment online to help make up for our collectively crappy marks on the midterm. It was only worth 2%, but I snapped them up. Every point counts, yo. The final was somewhat intimidating as it was in the ginormous gym at the U. There were tons of people there, and I hung my coat on the back of my chair which probably had me under intense scrutiny the whole time. I got to fill in bubbles for the first time in forever. Either I studied harder, understood the content better or the test was just easier. I finished a lot earlier than I had expected considering I was still scrambling as the timer went out on the midterm. I don't have the actual score I received on the exam, but overall I got an A- in the class. Yay.

I've started my next class, it's far more interesting, and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet. We're still reading about the history of psychology and it's various (humourously horrifying) approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Every time I imagine that poor Little Albert kid trying to play with his lab rat and some old dude sneaking up behind him with a pair of cymbals I crack up. I wonder how he managed to aquire this kid in the first place.

Friend of Watson's: Honey, I'm going to bring the boy with me over to Watson's for a beer and stuff.
Wife: That's guy's a nutjob. What sort of stuff we talkin' 'bout here?
Friend: Uhh...just playing with rats.
Wife: Rats?? WTF?
Friend: No worries, we're just going to make him deathly afraid of them. Besides, it's the 1920's. Get in the kitchen and make me a pie.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The midterm was crazy hard. For about the first 20 (out of 60) questions, every other question I had no idea what the answer was. I think he made up some of these people and theories. There was no hope of attending dance class, I ran out of time while I was frantically flipping through my textbook trying to find the answers for the 15 or so questions I guessed at.

Good news is, online multiple choice exams are graded immediately. Bad news, I only got 70%. Pretty disappointing. The average was posted today, it's 67% and the prof says that's normal. When did university get so dang hard?

I feel like if it's going to take me 15 years to graduate, all I will have to make me not look like a dumbass is if I get excellent grades. And a 70 doesn't cut it. :(

Monday, November 2, 2009

Countdown to Midterm


Haha, I make myself laugh. My midterm is tonight. Coincidentally, it's the same time as the older two kids' dance and tae kwon do, so they'll all be out of the house. Suckily, it's also during my ballet class. I may finish before then, it's multiple choice, so there's a good chance I could get done in 45 minutes. I did a Bio final in 20 once.

I am verging on terrified for this exam though. Not because I don't know the material (more on that in a minute), but because you get one log in. If your browser crashes or an asteroid lands on your house, too fucking bad. My laptop has been known to shut itself off randomly, and recently I've been having some issues with the touchpad. I don't really want to use it. The desktop dates back to Windows freakin 98, so I have my concerns there too. I tried using it on the website today, to partial success. I could load a quiz and take it, but then it said there was a submission error. However, the quiz appeared saved and finished on the list...I am hoping this is just a program glitch on their part.

About that material and these quizzes. I was rather confident last night, until I started taking the quizzes. I don't know where these questions are coming from because I don't remember any of these people or their wacked out theories. Blah. If the average of the 10 quizzes is any indication, I'll score about a 73%. I'm more hoping for an 80%+.

Cry for me, Argentina.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wondering if I used ironic wrong last time

Castle complained about that last night.

I suck at updating my blog. But what's new. Have you seen my other, more boring, blog? There's nothing much to say. I read, take notes and occasionally wig out. Wigging out is high on the list of things to do this week as I have a midterm shortly. Professor dude sent a note saying average is 65%, and he's concerned about the lack of questions the class has been asking. However, the program I am in requires a 7.0 (which far as I can gather is a B-, which I don't know WTF that means in % but it ain't no 65%) average in psych classes. So really, it can't be THAT hard, or we'd have no "research specialists". This is an entry year 2 class. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I need to figure out where they sent my student card. I just found out I have to take the final at the university in a gym of all places. Bummer.