Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Reason

I figure I should kick off the new blog with an explanation of why I decided to start it.

1. The Reason is not You. Sorry, Hoobastank. Probably no one is going to read this. But, I enabled the ad doohicker just in case.

2. Trying to sort out my life is, like, all complicated and stuff. How can we possibly expect teenagers to figure this out? I'm old and this is HARD. My husband is sick of my complaining, so obviously I need a new outlet.

3. If FU, Penguin can get a goddamn book deal I want one too. But see point #1. Hmm.
Seriously though FUP, I love you.


  1. OMG look, I'm your first follower and your first comment! I'm so awesome!

    Oh, nice blog by the way. And nice fruit hat. I look forward to your therapeutic blogging; it's often the best kind.