Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The midterm was crazy hard. For about the first 20 (out of 60) questions, every other question I had no idea what the answer was. I think he made up some of these people and theories. There was no hope of attending dance class, I ran out of time while I was frantically flipping through my textbook trying to find the answers for the 15 or so questions I guessed at.

Good news is, online multiple choice exams are graded immediately. Bad news, I only got 70%. Pretty disappointing. The average was posted today, it's 67% and the prof says that's normal. When did university get so dang hard?

I feel like if it's going to take me 15 years to graduate, all I will have to make me not look like a dumbass is if I get excellent grades. And a 70 doesn't cut it. :(


  1. A 70 doesn't cut what?
    I suppose if your goal is grad school, then no, 70 doesn't cut it.
    But it does cut a B- requirement in psych for graduation. And, as I like to say "B for Balance". :)
    Averages have always been in the 60s in my experience at university. The course instructors get in shit if the class average is too high.
    Congrats on surviving your first exam!!

  2. I would like to go to grad school I think. Currently, that's where I think I'm headed, but who knows huh? I had A's in psych in first year. My overall average wasn't that hot, but that's because I did stupid things like take Japanese.

    Thankfully, 20% of the final mark is based on assignments, of which I've gotten 100 on the two we've had. Hopefully now that I know this instructor's exam style I'll do better on the final.

    I like to say A for Awesome. :P