Monday, November 2, 2009

Countdown to Midterm


Haha, I make myself laugh. My midterm is tonight. Coincidentally, it's the same time as the older two kids' dance and tae kwon do, so they'll all be out of the house. Suckily, it's also during my ballet class. I may finish before then, it's multiple choice, so there's a good chance I could get done in 45 minutes. I did a Bio final in 20 once.

I am verging on terrified for this exam though. Not because I don't know the material (more on that in a minute), but because you get one log in. If your browser crashes or an asteroid lands on your house, too fucking bad. My laptop has been known to shut itself off randomly, and recently I've been having some issues with the touchpad. I don't really want to use it. The desktop dates back to Windows freakin 98, so I have my concerns there too. I tried using it on the website today, to partial success. I could load a quiz and take it, but then it said there was a submission error. However, the quiz appeared saved and finished on the list...I am hoping this is just a program glitch on their part.

About that material and these quizzes. I was rather confident last night, until I started taking the quizzes. I don't know where these questions are coming from because I don't remember any of these people or their wacked out theories. Blah. If the average of the 10 quizzes is any indication, I'll score about a 73%. I'm more hoping for an 80%+.

Cry for me, Argentina.

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